Social Distance Club Officially Launching

Hey folks

Today I want to share the website that my friends and I have been working tirelessly to release in timely manner. It’s a community-based website for finding prepared food in St. John’s during our current lockdown.

The current version of this website is a work in progress. We are still adding listings and we have goals to expand to list services and regions around St. John’s. We also plan to include services as we grow.

This is a big job to produce quickly, but we are working hard to produce a hub for you, the isolated citizens of St. John’s, a resource for finding the prepared food you need.

If you find any data that is missing, out-of-date, or incorrect you are encouraged to reach out to us to let us know. This is a community-driven website built for the community. We cannot do this without you.

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Gregory Pike
Author: Gregory Pike

Greg is a local software developer who is passionate about supporting the local economy. His vision when creating this website was to connect people with businesses struggling to stay open during hard times.

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