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You have more than likely have spotted the unmistakable bright orange food truck in-and-around St. John’s. The Indian Express has become a much -loved and well-sought food option for residents and tourists alike. In fact the popularity for the family run food has grown so much that Jerry Joy, the owner-operator, has been busy supplying grocery and convenience stores.

“Joy” is not only the last name of the Indian Express’ entrepreneur, it also something he has been creating. Joy has updated The Indian Express’ facebook page regularly to keep his regulars informed about what stores have been stocked with their favorite meals, but also taking requests from those who need assistance during the current COVID-19 crisis.

“I delivered over 40 meals until now (No contact) from this morning (which is a lot more than I was planning to) and I am nowhere near the amount of request coming in,” wrote Joy in a Facebook post on March 24, 2020. “It’s deeper than I imagined.”

The support for Joy is strong in the comments to his updates, encouraging his kindness but also concerned for his own well being. Joy mentions how the requests for assistance continue to come in and acknowledges that there is only so much he can do.

“I want to continue to do it but there is a limit to what is possible,” says Joy in the same Facebook post, “So YOU please be the judge of “want vs need” so that I can continue to bring the food to people who need it the most.”

No doubt there will be increased need during this pandemic, with people off work and waiting for benefits like E.I. to kick in. In the meantime, there may be ways for people like you and I to help as well. Consider reaching out to The Indian Express and offering to support Joy’s efforts in whatever way is appropriate. When it becomes absolutely necessary to get groceries for your household, consider doing so at one of the locations that carry Joy’s ready-to-go meals and purchasing your own Indian Express food there. Alternatively perhaps there are other ways you and others can help spread kindness during these difficult days.

Thank you to Jerry Joy who has demonstrated that “Support Local” goes both ways.

Check out The Indian Express on Facebook: or online at

March 24, 2020 5:26pm

Brad Richards
Author: Brad Richards

Brad and his family are regulars at many local restaurants, franchise and stand-alone businesses alike, and always looking to try new flavours with open minds and hearts.

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