Co-Video Collective – Glass Tiger – Don’t forget me when I’m gone

Ritche Perez and friends have produced yet another social distancing music video under their series called “Co-Video Collective”

coVIDEO COLLECTIVE #6: A few of you are new to video-conferencing in order to stay in touch with family, friends and co-workers. During #stayhome, many of you are working from home and will need to use these tools to communicate and collaborate. You will make mistakes, become frustrated and confused. Be afraid of Covid-19, but do not be afraid of these apps. You will be forgiven in your undies.

It’s Thursday, so here is a throwback of ‘Don’t forget me when I’m gone’ by Glass Tiger, which makes a perfect PSA on video – conferencing.

Thank you to all performers/musicians who took time to do this with me. Thank you to Janis Allison for managing the horn players, and Natasha Blackwood for the horns arrangement. Brian Downton, I wouldn’t be able to do this at nights without you. I am also meeting many new friends through this online collaboration. I hope to meet you in person once this is all over. We are coping with this together, I hope this makes your day a little better 🙂

GreyJay MusicAlly BairdSharleen SimmonsJason WhelanAdam McGrathAdam BaxterAvalon James DroverEmily HuntLinda JewellJordan Young (someone tag Kathy on the Oboe!)

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