How Men Can Cut Their Hair in This Pandemic

Gee, the owner operator of the G Salon on Harvey Rd, offers tips and tricks for men to keep their growing hair look clean.

There are a lot of things many of us would enjoy right now if we could: a day in the park, a leisurely meal on a restaurant patio, a warm hug from a dear friend.

But of all the things we’re not allowed to do that many of us could really benefit from right now is a haircut. 

At this point in the coronavirus pandemic, many of us are probably feeling pretty shaggy, scruffy, even sasquatch-y. And with barbershops and salons shut down, there’s only one path back to presentability: the home haircut. Something not everyone is already well-versed in. 

Maybe you have someone in your house who you trust to wield the scissors. Or maybe you’ll have to go it alone with an elaborate system of mirrors. But before you grab a bowl from the kitchen cabinet and a pair of scissors, take a minute to learn some haircutting basics. 

Gee Sicuan is a hairstylist and owner of G Salon in St. John’s. He’s sharing his pro tips in two parts: one for cutting men’s hair or those with shorter coifs, and another for cutting women’s hair or anyone with longer locks.

Today, it’s the fellas turn in the chair. Ladies, stay tuned!

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