About Social Distance Club

Trying to stay socially connected while we are required to be socially distant is a challenge for all of us. COVID-19 has changed the way we need to live. There are ways we can work together to get through these trying times.

Food Listing Service

For the time being dining establishments are still allowed to operate with some restrictions. This website has a listing of places you can expect to get food in and around St. John’s, Newfoundland. Explore the site to find places where you can go to get some eats.

We are limited to St. John’s at the moment with our listings but as the site grows we have every intention to include the surrounding area.

We encourage our users to shop at local establishments, though we offer listings for all in an effort to be comprehensive.

Social Distancing Practices

As the name of the website suggests there is indeed goals to reach out beyond simply listing restaurants that are still operating in St. John’s. There are many side of the Public Health Emergency that this team cares about.

Being isolated from one another is going to be challenging, there is no doubt. What can people be doing to stay safe? How can people maintain a stable and healthy state of mind while confined? How can we continue to socialize? How can we cope with the transition of working remotely? Dealing with kids? There is so much to tackle and we want to help people help themselves through this pandemic.


It takes a village to raise a child

The website was built by Greg, but he admitted that had he not had the early enthusiastic support of his friends, he would have never have even tried to start this project. Social Distance Club is the result of collaboration and teamwork.

Gregory Pike

Greg is a UX software developer who works remotely. He has a passion for Newfoundland and Labrador and is keen to support the local economy. His vision when creating this website was to connect people with businesses struggling to stay open during hard times.

Brad Richards

Brad has been a registered social worker for over 10 years and has regularly participated in community building opportunities. He and his family are regulars at many local restaurants, franchise’s and stand-alone businesses alike, and are always looking to try new flavours with open minds and hearts.

Theresa Murphy

Theresa’s background with the St. John’s Farmer Market motivated her to spring into action to provide a service for the small local businesses that she facilitates.

Other major contributors

  • Megan Murphy
  • Mark Denine