Add Places

Thank you for volunteering to help adding places to our community listing website. Without the help of the community websites like this one would never work.

Adding a New Place

To login open your browser to this URL:

Once you are logged in you will see Places in the sidebar. Hover that link to find the Add New link. Click there to add new places.


Should be the name of the company. In the case where there are multiple locations the name should be appended with a hyphen and the street of the location.

e.g. McDonald’s – Kenmont Rd.

Content Box

Should be the way in which this establishment is offering services during social distancing measures. For example, instructions on how to receive delivery or take-out.


The field should autocomplete. Categories include Fast Food, Dining, Coffee, etc. Start typing to see what is available.

If a category is missing contact Greg to offer suggestions about a category that might fit. In the meantime choose the existing category that makes the most sense.


Enter a complete address, including street address and city.

Unfortunately this box limits entries to St. John’s. Greg is working on ways to expand these listings to surrounding areas.

Once you have the address entered click the Set Address on Map. This will center the map and set the longitude and latitude fields below.

Leave the Select Map View as Default.


Enter the data that is available for this establishment. Not all fields will be available, but please make an effort to enter the telephone number. It is likely that most people will want to confirm that places are open before trying to place orders.

For social media inputs like Facebook and Twitter place use full URLs. If you are copying the URL be sure not to include any of the string past the “?” since these are not necessary for these links.

Business Hours is a nice-to-have but right now all the other data is more important.

Place Tags

The use of tags may be expanded in the future but for now it is only used for identifying “Local” businesses. We want to promote buyers to shop local so we are grouping all businesses as such.

There are also tags for various forms of getting food; Take Out, Delivery, and Drive-Thru (which would also classify as Take Out).

If you think of other ways to group businesses please coordinate with Greg.


Please search Google (or Facebook) for the logo of the company you are adding. Download the image to your computer. Click Select Files and upload the file.

It helps to rename the image to include the company name. It’s optional but it makes our website more searchable.

Other Fields

The other fields are not important for adding listings at this time.

If you have any additional questions feel free to reach out to Greg.